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US-based company


March, 2022


React, React Native, Chakra UI, Webpack, Babel, TypeScript


Node.js with Express, external API’s

Mobile app which makes people life more comfortable

Resting should be the easiest thing you can do, right? But in the modern world, even relaxing and calming activities can be complex and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Using modern technologies like Node.JS, React, and Chakra UI, we have developed a mobile app to make people lives easier. Now users can get the rest they are looking for with only one click, and they can do it with the people closest to them, like friends, and family. This app will help users rest, and clear their mind, so they can just calm down, or focus their attention on a given task, while disconnecting from their surroundings. The back-end of this platform was built using Node.JS, while integrating external API’s for added functionality. Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services were used to optimize and secure this back-end, and the solution is supported by AI for the creation of complex mobile configurations.


Lilia Peterson


Outstanding service from an exceptional team. Real partners!


Feature 1

Complex mobile configuration based on AI

Feature 2

High-leveled integration of specific external API’s

Feature 3

Flux based infrastructure using React Context only

Feature 4

Backend on Java using Apache Lucene

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