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Create the future with us

Want to make a difference? You’ve come to the right place. We’re using the technologies of tomorrow to tackle the real-world problems of today.

Why Insoftex?

Insoftex is a leading provider of technology consulting, engineering, and data science services for Fortune 500 corporations undergoing digital transformation. We serve some of the largest US retail, e-commerce, tech, and financial services companies, delivering our solutions using open-source, cloud-based technologies.

Every opportunity has real-world application and impact. At Insoftex, we work with emerging technologies and build best-in-class software. We create empowerment and thought leadership through the technology we work with. If you’re looking to leverage your love of technology to impact the way businesses operate, you’ll feel at home here.

About Company

Insoftex is an owner-managed software engineering company based in Eastern Europe (Lviv, Ukraine). Our management team has over 25 years of experience in product development and project delivery. We offer a wide range of software engineering services to medium-sized and large enterprises in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.


Our senior management team has decades of diverse experience providing outsourcing services, building start-ups, designing and developing products, and delivering full-spectrum software engineering services worldwide. We bring that experience to the table every time we engage with you.


We take pride in our commitment to removing obstacles. We look forward to using our technical and business knowledge to find a solution path that makes sense for you. Talk to us about your concerns.


In IT, the dog should wag the tail and not the other way around. The challenge should dictate the technology that is best suited to address it. We are open-minded, flexible, and committed to using the most appropriate and cost-effective technology stack that ensures project success.


Just as one size fits all doesn’t apply to technology, it doesn’t apply to how we engage with you. We tailor how we help to how much help you need. We can cover the gamut from single project staff augmentation to full-scale outsourcing providing skilled professional team members from various disciplines.


Clear Filters

We are seeking a skilled AQA Engineer with expertise in the Cucumber tool and in BDD.

Well-experienced Node.js Developer will be developing modern products for western clients.

Full-stack Developer with expertise in both front-end (React, Angular) and back-end development (Python).

What we stand for?

A humane attitude is what insoftex  stands for. No matter how fast we grow, we’ll never back down on that. What’s important to us is attention to personality, not do-it-like-this processes. We start our day with a “good morning,” not status updates. 


We care about people and foster a culture of openness, caring, effort, and results.


Our processes are smart but not set in stone. They’re constantly evolving to become more convenient and provide a positive experience for all Insoftex employees.


60% of our team are senior developers. Buckle up, as insoftex is Formula 1 for software engineers.

Become a part of our team!

Insoftex is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees during their employment and for all candidates during the application process

Olena Lifanova


    AbouT MIChael

    For over 25 years, Michael has fulfilled various roles in the IT industry. He has extensive experience in solution delivery, project management, and managing product and professional services organizations.

    His passion for professionalism and trustworthiness drives his relationships with clients, staff, and vendors. Michael is now pursuing his dream of creating the professional services organization he dreamed of working for. He looks forward to the challenge of solving your business concerns.

    What our workers say
    Oleksandr Luchak
    Full-stack Developer

    Good work culture. Supportive team. Transparency. Good company policies.

    Stanislav Volt
    Senior Full-stack Developer

    Working in Insoftex company is a really cool experience. We have good team work, flexible schedule and full loyalty driven management.

    Adrian Gabura
    Senior Python Developer

    I quickly discovered a very positive and growth-promoting company while collaborating. I am glad to have been offered an opportunity to learn a lot while being challenged with non-trivial specifications. It has been a pleasure to be exposed to a positive and growth-promoting company and to be offered an opportunity to apply my skills in non-standard ways.

    Dmytro Podobashev
    Senior Golang Developer

    I’m happy I’m a part of Infotex family and experience great collaboration.

    Tatiana Korobova
    React Developer

    If I were asked to describe Insoftex in three qualities, I would say that they are responsible, caring and involved in the work of employees. It’s a pleasure for me to be part of this team.

    Greg Hrushchak
    QA Lead

    I have recently joined the Insoftex team and I’m very satisfied with the project. The interviewing process was quite fast and I immediately got positive feedback and offer. The company has just started its path and I believe has great features and the potential to grow.

    Kundu Sauvik
    Senior PHP Developer

    I’ve had a great experience with Insoftex. The team’s professionalism and dedication, from the recruiter to the CEO and clients, have made it exceptional. Insoftex is a bridge to meaningful opportunities, and I’m thrilled to be part of their projects.

    Imran Abdulkadir Ahmed
    PHP developer

    I’ve had an incredible journey as a Lead Developer at Insoftex, where I’ve enjoyed a supportive and innovative work environment. Insoftex is not just a workplace, it’s a community of dedicated professionals, and I look forward to contributing to its ongoing success in my career.

    Kornak Evheniy
    Full stack Developer (React, Node)

     I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of Insoftex. This exceptional team of professionals has consistently impressed me with their dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit.

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