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Transform your healthcare operations with our customized software solutions, enhancing efficiency, minimizing risks, and ensuring a maximized return on investment.

What We Do

We are a healthcare software development company dedicated to delivering custom solutions for those seeking to revolutionize patient care through cutting-edge digital products. Our unique skills empower pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to optimize their operations, improve data management and analysis, streamline clinical trial processes, and much more.
Telemedicine Solutions
Insoftex specializes in providing made-to-order telemedicine solutions that prioritize advanced patient monitoring, consulting, and diagnostics. With our team of experts, you will save time, energy, and resources. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the convenience and efficiency of services for your patients.
Custom medical app
At Insoftex, we pay special attention to development in developing custom medical app solutions that enable doctors and clinics to monitor patients’ physical indicators in real-time. We tailor our apps to specific groups of patients, depending on their unique conditions, and provide a dynamic way to track progress and make informed treatment decisions. With Insoftex’s custom medical app solutions, you can enhance patient care and deliver more personalized treatment options.
Healthcare Data Analytics
Custom software solutions for data analytics play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. Insoftex ensures that the vast amounts of data at your disposal are harnessed to meet your needs and those of your patients. Our team of experts leverages data to enhance analytics, improve reporting capabilities, strengthen the patient-doctor connection, and establish a comprehensive approach to patient case management.
Security and Privacy Measures
Technology integration focuses on patient data privacy and security. Robust security measures built-in to healthcare software strengthen data protection. Strict rules and healthcare regulatory and security compliances are in place to ensure patient data security and discretion.
EHR Development
Insoftex offers electronic health record development services that unlock the potential of your data. Our open, standards-based platform guarantees seamless data access and interoperability, allowing effortless integration with other sources, all without adding extra expenses or administrative burdens.
Remote Patient Monitoring
In the evolving landscape of healthcare, remote patient monitoring is a promising direction for the future. Insoftex offers solutions for patient monitoring (PMS) that empower your business to provide even better service by continuously monitoring vital signs, aligning with the changing needs of modern medicine.

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Why us?

Prioritizing Healthcare Security
At Insoftex, we grasp the critical nature of securing healthcare data. With hands-on experience in compliance and security regulations, we ensure your sensitive healthcare information receives the utmost protection.
Data Science Expertise
Our team of data scientists at Insoftex specializes in crafting unique analytical solutions for healthcare providers. Leveraging top machine learning and AI libraries, we help you make sense of vast amounts of unstructured data.
VR & AR Proficiency
With extensive experience in virtual reality, our experts deliver comprehensive virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions. We create immersive environments for various devices, enhancing the healthcare experience.
Dedicated Development Services
Recognizing that healthcare projects often span several months or even years, we provide dedicated development teams exclusively for healthcare providers. This approach ensures efficient delivery and high-quality products tailored to healthcare needs.



Insoftex offers comprehensive healthcare web app development solutions that cater to the specific needs of the healthcare industry. The development process involves creating multiple software products and integrating them with each other to provide a system of interconnected resources that helps to digitize all processes and increase efficiency.

In addition to technical expertise, Insoftex also emphasizes the importance of marketing in healthcare web app development. Therefore, the development process involves creating solutions that are optimized for search engines and social media. With Insoftex, healthcare businesses can expect to receive a comprehensive healthcare web app development solution that not only addresses their specific business needs but is also optimized for marketing and incorporates multiple software products that work together seamlessly.


Insoftex is dedicated to crafting a spectrum of healthcare software solutions with unwavering precision. Each of these solutions shares a common mission: expediting the integration of industry innovations and streamlining operations within diverse medical institutions and medical technology companies.

Our comprehensive healthcare mobile application development services encompass the entire development lifecycle, commencing with preliminary consultations and concluding with ongoing technical support for the finalized solutions.

Our healthcare mobile app solutions empower clients within the medical sector to optimize workflows and provide enhanced services to their patients. At Insoftex, we go beyond the ordinary and consistently aim to exceed expectations, ensuring that our healthcare software innovations remain at the forefront of the industry’s evolving landscape.


Insoftex specializes in the design and development of healthcare applications, with a specific focus on medical tablets. Such devices, favored for their size and portability, facilitate clinical tasks like entering notes into electronic health records, generating precise prescriptions, and sharing vital information with patients.

As the use of tablets in healthcare workflows continues to rise, Insoftex ensures its tablet apps empower clinicians, with up to 35% of surveyed healthcare providers expressing their intent to incorporate tablets into their daily routines. These applications not only enhance operational efficiency but also foster a more personalized relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients.


We also create solutions to improve communication between doctors and patients. For doctors, they help manage patient flow, reduce operating costs and supplement electronic medical records with new information.

Our healthcare desktop app development allows patients to quickly make an appointment with a doctor at a convenient time for them, receive the results of tests and examinations, share them with doctors, and receive appropriate appointments without leaving home. Our solutions allow you to automate the daily tasks of doctors and other medical staff. With their help, you can digitize the medical information about each patient so that any doctor has easy and quick access to it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Remote patient monitoring is a promising direction in healthcare. Our solutions enable you to continuously monitor vital signs, offering better service to patients and keeping up with the evolving medical landscape.

We create a collaborative digital environment where healthcare professionals can efficiently cooperate, access data, and coordinate efforts, ultimately leading to better patient health outcomes.

We prioritize rigorous security measures to protect sensitive data and medical records. Our solutions comply with health and pharmaceutical regulations and privacy standards.

Yes, we embrace innovation throughout the development process, helping you accelerate time-to-market by innovating in every phase, from requirement analysis to solution design, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Insoftex specializes in delivering comprehensive services for healthcare software development, covering the entire lifecycle from ideation to implementation and ongoing maintenance. Our offerings encompass a wide range of solutions, including telemedicine applications, healthcare CRM, data analytics, EHR development, remote patient monitoring, and more.

We assist these companies in seizing growth opportunities, managing risk, and delivering custom healthcare software solutions to streamline their operations and enhance patient care.

A custom CRM solution can automate customer satisfaction processes, improve pre-sales flows, support partner recruitment, and help organizations discover new opportunities for their business.

We use data analytics to gain actionable insights, accelerate processes, increase operational efficiency, personalize services, and help you outperform the competition.

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