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US-based e-commerce company


May, 2021


Angular, JavaScript, React Mobile, Bluetooth LE


Node.JS, Web Bluetooth API, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins


The problem:
E-commerce platforms can make-or-break your online business: You need a reliable solution that lets you analyze and operate all the data that you need to make your business succeed, as quickly as possible.

Our cloud-based E-commerce platform features a dashboard with all the information that you need to take the best decisions, with near real-time visualization, you can get detailed reports on the most important metrics: Sales, marketing, and consumption levels in your business. You can trust our platform, since it was built from the ground-up to be a high-performance solution and fault-tolerant, with a back-end that includes proven and tested technologies, such as Node.JS, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Apache Kafka. Our platform is capable of collecting huge amounts of data, and processing billions of events for your store, providing you with a clear and functional dashboard where you can take a look at the data in a comprehensible way. Take the next step and bring your e-commerce to the next level with us.

Deanna Shepard


The team was highly responsive to our requirements and accommodated changes promptly as they came up. Notably, they delivered ahead of schedule and were attentive to our feedback and needs throughout the process.


Feature 1

Secured, fault-tolerant, high-performance solution

Feature 2

Collection and processing of a huge volume of consumer data

Feature 3

Simplified search and introduction of new clients

Feature 4

Cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-code (AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible)

Feature 5

100+ data streaming servers based on Kafka

Feature 6

Billions of events in store, available for streaming and batch analytics

Feature 7

Business-critical data with strict SLA for availability and reliability

Feature 8

Integration of the new cloud-based system with existing on-premise solutions

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