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German Infrastructure Management Company


January, 2022


Python, C#


Python, PostgreSQL, Celery

BIOS mass-update microservice

The problem:
Keeping your systems up-to-date is a complicated and slow process. Besides that, a myriad of problems can occur during the process.

We have developed a microservice to mass-update the BIOS of all your machines: It is automatic, secure, and painless. Combining the use of subservices developed using Python, PostgreSQL, and Celery, we have created a robust pipeline that allows you to remotely provide updates to the computers in your network. With our dynamically generated installation scripts, you can customize your installation to fit your specific needs and requirements, and easily perform the installation of new updates. Forget about manually updating your devices through manual input. With the scheduling function, updates can be programmed and executed at optimal times. No more dealing with down-time when it’s time to update. Automate your updates, and don’t let your systems be outdated ever again.

Salma Nichols


We consider Insoftex’s most significant success to be their ability to stay within budget while delivering high-quality work. We’ve asked them to build a complex project, and they’re fully capable of completing the work.


Feature 1

Address Resolver Service: A custom solution to a DNS load-balancing problem that presented during initial assessment. It involves a subservice that does specific DNS resolution and checking of the FTP servers to ensure bad hosts are filtered out

Feature 2

FTP Filesystem Indexer Service: A subservice that given an operational IP address does an indexing of the FTP filesystem of the vendor server that contains BIOS files

Feature 3

Driver Indexer Service: A subservice that does driver indexation based on manifest files retrieved from the indexed filesystem using a proxy HTTPS for speed

Feature 4

Script Generator Service: A subservice that generates scripts dynamically based on information provided by the stakeholder

Feature 5

Scheduling system: A scheduling system that operates the subservices to provide constant updating of the microservice data based on certain timelines

Feature 6

FastAPI based API that provides the subservices functionalities to the stakeholder

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