Case study

SAAS lending solution for business loans


JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Node.js, Microservices, RESTful API, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Jenkins


1,5 year


2 Full-Stack Engineers

The problem:

We believe that lending money should be a simple process. So we worked to make it possible. Using top-notch technologies, like Node.JS, Docker, and AWS for the back-end, we developed a lending marketplace to make the lending process as easy as possible for everyone involved. 

Key features:

  • Secured, fault-tolerant, high-performance solution
  • Credit score evaluation for potential borrowers
  • Data-driven decisions based on collected information on borrowers
  • Customer-oriented interface for easier interaction with borrowers
  • Machine Learning to calculate and accurate loan amount based on partner banks input
  • AWS-based fault-tolerant databases insights from collected data
  • Integration with 3rd party servers by using API for easy connection
  • Redesigned architecture from monolithic to microservices


With our one-stop solution, everything can be done without the need for special personal guarantees or notarized documents: From borrower evaluation, to actual money transactions. Powered by machine learning algorithms, our platform helps to quickly calculate the amount to be lent to each borrower in a case-by-case basis, using the specific input provided by the bank, such as credit score, and previous loans.

At the same time, borrowers can also know quickly how much money they can expect from the lender, their interest rate, and the chances to get the loan approved. By facilitating the lending process, our platform works as a bridge between banks, and businesses and individuals looking for funds to increase their investments

Denzel Myers

CEO, AlphaLend

The project’s results exceeded all our expectations. Volodymyr’s contributions and active participation throughout the process were incredibly valuable.


Mike Fliorko

Founder, CEO

Michael Babylon

Founder, CEO

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