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: Cloud computing in banking: Why moving to the cloud is inevitable

Banks have been using cloud technologies for some time already: 95% of banks have implemented them in one way or another. According to Accenture’s report The Cloud Imperative For The Banking Industry, the transition to cloud services reduces the company’s operating costs by 10-20%, and the time to market is reduced by 30-50%. Cloud computing in banking is of increasing interest to the financial sphere, analysts say.

digital transformation in manufacturing

: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Technologies and Trends

Digital transformation enables companies to expand their capabilities and reach, as well as maximize the value chains associated with assets and operations. Key technologies such as cloud computing, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality are transforming traditional industrial operations. These innovations provide unprecedented potential for business growth. But they also bring new risks to the modern enterprise, such as cybersecurity and data privacy. Still, digital transformation in the manufacturing industry is a strong trend.



The 2020 year has been a year of challenges for everybody, including eCommerce business. Difficult ones. At the same time, it has indicated new eCommerce trends and provided people with some valuable lessons on how one should run his/her eCommerce business including managing eCommerce website and choosing the best eCommerce platforms. It does not mean that people should put efforts in their digital business only, but should also remember about classical brick-and-mortar stores and offices. Like all good and bad things, 2020 is coming to end end, and just in a couple of weeks, we will enter a new 2021 year and try to do e-commerce business smarter.