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.NET Developer (with Godot)

We are seeking a talented .NET developer to join our team and play a key role in developing a unique text-based game engine. This engine will be built using Godot and will have the core functionality of streaming rendered text into 3D environments in a way that is both readable and aesthetically pleasing to the player.

Our client is a well-established US-based fintech company with a strong track record of success. They specialize in creating innovative financial products, including online marketplaces, supply chain finance solutions, and secure applications leveraging blockchain technology. They combine their deep knowledge of traditional finance with a strong understanding of the evolving fintech landscape to deliver impactful solutions for their clients, navigating the complex regulatory environment of modern finance.

Primary Accountabilities / Responsibilities:
Knowledge, Skills, Competencies and Experience:
Additional skills that will be an advantage::
Client and Domain:


Olena Lifanova

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